Royal River Alliance

The Royal River Alliance formed to promote a vision of a healthy watershed from the river's origin to the sea.

Dams that were once essential to communities across Maine are no longer serving their intended purposes.  Worse, they continue to damage the vegetation, habitats and ecosystems associated with the rivers they obstruct.

Yarmouth’s two dams on the Royal River are an unfortunate example of how these relics impede the restoration of precious riverine habitat.  From Sabbathday Lake to Casco Bay, the Yarmouth dams impact fish, birds, and animals that depend on the river’s resources by blocking access, slowing river flows, altering habitat and degrading water quality.

The Royal River Alliance was formed to promote a vision of a healthy watershed from the river's origin to the sea. Our vision calls for shared understanding and responsibility for both the harm to the environment as well as our shared priority to heal it.

Healing starts with dam removal. Nature will do the rest.

Bridge Street Dam Yarmouth, ME

About the Royal River

The Royal River begins at the outlet of Sabbathday Lake in New Gloucester, grows with tributaries flowing from Auburn, Gray, Pownal, Durham and North Yarmouth, and joins the Casco Bay in Yarmouth, Maine—with a  total of 141 square miles of watershed. In the 1800’s, sea-run fish like salmon, shad, alewife and blueback herring were present in the Royal River.  However, today sea-run fish are unable to swim upstream as both the Bridge and Elm Street dams in Yarmouth block fish passage and have non-functional fishways. 

About US

The Royal River Alliance seeks a responsible and collaborative approach to restoring the health and connectivity of the Royal River.  RRA members are your neighbors—residents of Yarmouth and surrounding communities who care about the health of the Royal River. We are concerned about the lack of river passage for fish and other aquatic species and the deteriorating river ecosystem. We are teachers, students, engineers, fishermen, architects, retirees, volunteers, etc.  We do not represent other conservation groups. 

We seek to collaborate with others and support strategies to remedy this problem, including removal of the impassable Bridge and Elm Street dams in Yarmouth, Maine.  We invite community members to join us in this mission.  For information about frequently asked questions click here.

Elm Street Dam Yarmouth, ME